Mission Statement

The practice of historical martial arts is good for mind, body and soul. The mind is improved through concentration and the development of theoretical understanding. The body through healthy and varied exercise. The soul through the constant striving for perfect form, the intellectual and moral honesty the Art demands, and through the depth of personal interaction that fencing with your peers creates.

The practice requires:
1) Techniques accurately recreated from the sources (which also requires in-depth knowledge of their historical context)
2) A complete and thoroughly consistent theory of their application
3) A system for developing the requisite technical skills (technical drills)
4) A system for developing the ability to apply the theory (tactical drills)
5) Supporting training such as joint-strengthening exercises, so that the techniques may be done without injury.
6) A safe environment for training.

The School exists to:

1) Provide high quality instruction in Historical European Martial Arts
2) Provide professional training for teachers of the Art
3) Provide a safe, friendly and appropriate environment for practising the Art
4) Promote the Art as a safe, fun, healthy, rewarding activity.
5) Conduct cutting-edge research in the historical sources, and create workable training systems from that research.
6) Provide high-quality equipment to practitioners.