Aug 052015

Medieval Longsword Beginner’s Course

Tuesdays from September 22nd to November 10th, 18.00-19.30

The course will safely introduce you to the knightly art of swordsmanship as described by Fiore dei Liberi in 1410, in his book The Flower of Battle.

If you are inspired by the romance of steel, and want to know how swords were used in earnest, we want you.

Questions? Contact us at


The beginners’ course is suitable for anyone interested in the Art of Swordsmanship. No experience of any kind is needed.
We will show you how our art is developed from the historical sources, and teach you everything from basic warm-up exercises to safe pair practice with the longsword. The goal of the course is to prepare to take part in our regular classes safely.

Instructions for finding the salle (training hall) are here
The course costs 140€ (students, unemployed etc. 100€).
Places are limited, so register early to secure yours by email to:
Questions? Ask us by email to the same address.
The first class is free and without obligation to continue or pay for the course. Come, try it, and see if it is right for you.

Our instructor published a series of blog posts detailing the content of a previous course; you might find it useful.
For a complete description with video of our basic syllabus, which will take most students a year or two to complete, see here:
For an idea of what to expect in terms of etiquette, discipline, what to wear and so on, see here:
To start with you will need only a white t-shirt, dark training trousers, and indoor sports shoes. Students under 18 will also need to bring written permission from a parent or guardian.


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