Nov 292015

The new weekly schedule starting on January 1st 2016 at Helsinki Salle (1.1. – 31.3.):

18-19.30 Fiore Advanced
19.30-21 Free training
18-19 Fiore Basic / Fiore Beginner’s class (19.1.-22.3.)*
19-20 Fiore Basic
18-19 Fiore Basic / Rapier Beginner’s class (16.3.-20.4.)*
19-20 Rapier
18-19.30 Fiore Basic
19.30-21 Free training / Bolognese for the teachers (7.1.->)


Now we have 50% more classes. You can participate to any of the day’s classes or all of them.

* Beginner’s classes will be run during Beginner’s Courses. Other times it will be a basic Fiore class. Beginners are welcome to the Basic classes and free training from day one.

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