Sep 122013

Paul Wagner, of the Stoccata School of Defence, is returning to Finland and will teach a day seminar on the quarterstaff. All welcome!

As Paul writes: “The English quarterstaff was a stout, wooden pole, usually of oak or ash, around 8 foot long. It was thus a solid and relatively heavy piece of wood, designed to disable an opponent with a single effective strike. All the great English fencing masters recognised the quarterstaff as superior to any other weapon in single combat, even other two-handed polearms, as Zachary Wylde wrote “for a Man that rightly understands it, may bid defiance, and laugh at any other Weapon”.

This seminar will provide a thorough overview of English staff combat, drawing upon the works of Silver, Swetnam and Wylde. We will cover the primary principles, attacks and defences of English quarterstaff, how the system is adapted to blades polearms (bills, axes, etc), and look at the use of the staff against multiple opponents.”

Please sign up by email to:

Where?: Helsinki Salle

Luiskatie 8

00770 Helsinki


When?: Saturday, November 2nd,

11am to 5pm (with a lunch break)


How Much?: 60€ (non-members)

50€  (SHMS members)

40€ (SHMS members concessions)

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