Apr 042014
Devon teaching a rapier class

Devon teaching a rapier class

The School is delighted to welcome Devon Boorman, founder and instructor at Academie Duello in Vancouver, to teach a day-long rapier seminar on Sunday May 25th. Devon runs the largest school of European swordsmanship in the world, and he has the good taste to be a Capoferro man- they have an original copy of the treatise at their salle!

The class plan is as follows:

Morning: A Tactical Approach to Italian Rapier
Working from the core strategic and technical approach presented in Italian Rapier treatises, Devon will bring students through the fundamental flow chart of Italian fencing strategy. From this base students will understand how to extend from the fundamentals into the more advanced plays and will be guided through a process for bringing theory into practice through drills, tactical exercises, slow fencing and free sparring.

Students will learn
– A flow chart for fencing from out of measure to the concluding strike and recovery.
– How to reduce decision making to the clearest and most direct path to success.
– To effectively constrain an opponent’s options and act in proper tempo to strike.
– How to bring techniques from drill into free fencing and back again.

Afternoon: Rapier and Dagger Fundamentals
The most common companion weapon presented in 17th century rapier texts was the dagger. Effective for its ability to acquire and maintain control of an opponent’s sword, particularly when receiving thrusts, and its utility as a weapon in its own right. Students will explore a system of rapier and dagger that involves using both weapons in unison and in close proximity to create an effective and easily managed defence. This refined approach to rapier and dagger will give students insights into effective free fencing as well as into more advanced materials presented in 17th century manuals.

Students will learn
– The 4 core unified ‘closed’ positions of rapier and dagger
– How to effectively parry and counter-attack
– How to constrain the opponent and force them into the defences of the dagger

Place: Helsinki Salle

Time: 11.00-17.00

Cost: 50€ (60€ for non-SHMS members or affiliates)

All welcome! Email to info@swordschool.com to sign up.


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