May 222013

Chris Chatfield, co-founder of the 1595 Club, and now a full-time instructor, will take us through his radical interpretation of Vincentio Saviolo’s swordsmanship style. Saviolo wrote his treatise in 1595, and was an arch-enemy of George Silver.
The seminar will be based on Saviolo’s sword form, but extrapolate from there into polearms and unarmed applications.

You can see Chris at work here:

The seminar will be held:

Where: at our Helsinki Salle (Luiskatie 8, 00770)

When:  August 17th and 18th, from 11am to 5pm

How much: it will cost 60e per day, 110 for both days (concessions: 50e per day, 90 for both.)

Sign up at the salle or by email to info at swordschool dot com


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