Jun 232015

The summer schedule for Helsinki Salle is as follows:

Date Class Leader Class
16.6 Tuesday Ilpo Fiore
23.6 Tuesday Karri Fiore
29.6 Monday Guy Intermediate
30.6 Tuesday Henry Fiore
1.7 Wednesday Guy Rapier
2.7 Thursday Guy Fiore
6.7 Monday Guy Intermediate
7.7 Tuesday Janne Free training
8.7 Wednesday Guy Rapier
9.7 Thursday Guy Fiore
13.7 Monday Guy Intermediate
14.7 Tuesday Ilpo Fiore
15.7 Wednesday Guy Rapier
16.7 Thursday Karri Fiore
18.7 Saturday Ilpo, Satu Beginners’ Course
19.7 Sunday Ilpo, Satu Beginners’ Course
20.7 Monday All Intermediate
21.7 Tuesday Janne Free training
22.7 Wednesday Zoe Rapier
23.7 Thursday Zoe Fiore
27.7 -1.8 Henry Free training (Extravaganza week)

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