Mar 012013

This seminar will be an overview of the current basic Fiore syllabus material, and allow students the opportunity to grade at levels one and two in that system. Grading is optional and does not add to the cost of the seminar.

We will focus on the basic drills for the dagger and longsword, and include the syllabus form for those students ready for it.

Students are recommended to check the syllabus wiki for an idea of what we will cover, and to check for gaps in their knowledge- requests to cover specific material are welcome!

Students past their level two are welcome, on the understanding that we will focus on the basic level material.



Location: Helsinki Salle

Time: 11-17, with lunchbreak 13.30-14.30

Cost: SHMS members and affiliates: 40€ (30€ concessions)

The School Birthday PARTY begins around 7 and goes on until the last beer is drunk… bring drink, food and friends!

The school will be 12 years old on March 17th- come help us celebrate!


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