Aug 062014

The syllabus is and always will be a work in progress. The latest round of updates to the basic syllabus (the first significant changes since 2009) includes minor changes to the first step of each of the four basic drills (First, Second, Break, Exchange) to make them more fluid, and a major overhaul of the Syllabus Form.

This seminar is intended for students in the branches, to help them incorporate the changes, and especially for branch leaders. You must know the four basic drills and the Syllabus Form to attend.

Welcome to the future of the Art!

sign up by email to:

Cost: SHMS members: FREE

40€  SHMS affiliates; 50€  for others

Saturday, September 13th,

11am to 5pm (with a lunch break)

Helsinki Salle

Luiskatie 8

00770 Helsinki

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