Apr 082013

This year’s Fiore Extravaganza will focus on the Longsword and include material from Fiore, Vadi and the Liechtenauer tradition. We will have Stefan Dieke as a guest instructor here to teach us the Liechtenauer sword technique and theory.
Places will cost 260e, and be limited to 22.

The basic schedule will be:
Saturday June 29th 11-17: Longsword mechanics
Sunday 30th 11-17: Zogho Largo/Zogho Stretto
Monday July 1st 11-13: Vadi’s solutions to the zogho stretto
Tuesday 2nd 11-17: Liechtenauer overview; meisterhau, winds, etc.
Wednesday 3rd: rest day.
Thursday 4th 11-17: Liechtenauer in more depth
Friday 5th 11-17: Comparative study of Italian and German medieval longsword
Saturday 6th 11-17: Tournament. 1900 onwards SES summer PARTY

Welcome! Sign up by email to info@swordschool.com

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