Apr 102015

Lift his visor and stab him in the face!


This year’s Extravaganza is a return to the classic format: in-depth study of parts of Fiore’s manuscripts. We will focus mainly on the parts that we don’t do so much in class; abrazare (wrestling), dagger and polearms.
We will expand our pollax material by delving into Jeu de la Hache as well: the excellent Lois Forster is coming over from France with his armour to show us how it’s done.

Lois at the Armizare 2015

Lois at the Armizare 2015

As always, the exact class plans will depend on the needs and interests of the students present; come with opinions, questions, and curiosity!

Seminar Plan:
Saturday July 25th 11-17: Jeu de la Hache
Sunday 11-17: Fiore’s Axe plays
Monday  11-13.30: Spear
Tuesday 11-17: Mixed weapons: swords versus axes and so on
Wednesday: Rest day
Thursday 11-17: Overview of Abrazare, Dagger and Sword, and how they relate to polearms
Friday 11-17:  Connecting the parts of the system together
Saturday 11-17: Tournament. We will decide the exact format, allowed weapons etc. together on the Friday.

Cost: 270e
Class size is limited to 22, and places are going fast. Book yours by email to info@swordschool.com!


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