Difficulty level
Beginner & Intermediate

Fundamentals of Rapier Course

The rapier is a glorious weapon from the most romantic age, and chief among its exponents was the legendary Ridolfo Capoferro, who wrote his “Great Representation of the Art and Use of Fencing” in 1610.

In this course you will learn his style of swordsmanship from the ground up, starting with basic actions of the body and the sword, and gradually progressing through the system until you are proficient with the sword alone.

You are not alone: course participants are encouraged to video their progress in ‘challenges’ at the end of the classes, and share that video with Guy, and (if you like) with the rest of the students, for helpful feedback.

At the end of the course you will be able to fence well with the sword alone and to create your own interpretation of this rapier source, and any other that may be available in a language you can read.

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I’ve been using Dr. Windsor’s Complete Rapier Course as a learning and teaching guide for almost a year now. It’s improved my own understanding of Capoferro immensely. Even more importantly, it’s given me tremendous insight on how to teach my students how to appreciate the art of historic rapier. I return to material I’ve watched constantly to learn, and to learn how to teach. An invaluable resource for any HEMA student and coach. Could not recommend more highly. – Matthew Hooper

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