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The Duellist’s Companion

By Guy Windsor

“Naturally, you must expect me to attack with Capoferro…”

Because Capoferro wrote one of the quirkiest and most thorough rapier books ever, published in 1610.

The Duellist’s Companion is a complete interpretation and training guide for Capoferro’s rapier system, first published by Chivalry Bookshelf in 2006. I reissued it in 2013 as a paperback and pdf. You can see video of my interpretation, and some seminar footage, here.


Perhaps the best interpretation for Capoferro’s rapier treatise. Every concepts and moves were interpreted very well and explained the reasons behind them. The attention to detail is concerned, and the writing attitude is very honest.

For those who like historical manuals, Windsor’s ‘catch all’ Italian makes a great complimentary resource.