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Intermediate & Advanced

The Rapier: Developing Your Skills

Part 3 of

With this workbook, you can take your skills to the next level. We will cover how to train: how to take things you already know, and make them actually work under pressure. To become a swordsman/swordswoman/swordsperson, not just someone who knows some sword moves. This is the heart of swordsmanship and its most sophisticated element.

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You will learn how to systematically add depth and complexity to the basic drills you already know, bridging the gap between choreographical drill practice, and free fencing. You will learn how to keep your practice in the optimum band between too-easy and too-hard, and you will learn the basics of coaching, which is all about creating that optimum level of difficulty for your partner.

The workbooks are laid out for right-handers (with the space for notes on the right-hand page), and for left-handers, with the space for notes on the left-hand page. All video clips show the techniques done right-handed and left-handed.