You Are Julie d’Aubigny, La Maupin

Mademoiselle Maupin was an opera singer and so much more…

You are Julie d’Aubigny (1560-1582), the French opera singer, better known as La Maupin, who was a cross-dresser that thrashed many men in duels over the affections of women. You have a keen and clever eye, able to shift and shape yourself according to your most immediate need or desire.

While you’re more than able to take down any arrogant man that might come at you and you live a flamboyant and public lifestyle, it is all performative (which you’re very good at) that’s overlaid on a keen understanding of art and theory. Gossip and rumour mean little to you for you are a true artist, and the more colourful the story about your undertakings the better!

Here's the content that Julie d’Aubigny, La Maupin would love: