Welcome, Companions!

Welcome, oh reader of The Swordsman’s Companion!

I have created a mountain of free resources to help you on the difficult path to mastering the Art.

You will find the Wiki, the reference resource for my syllabus, here. There are dozens of drills and videos, organised as a syllabus. like this one!

Whenever I come across a particularly common or interesting problem in class, I try to write up my solutions to it, and post them on my blog. Each one addresses a different specific technical or tactical issue.

How to spot the bullshit in any martial arts drill, and what to do about it. This post is useful for any martial art, and covers how to make training useful while keeping it safe.

Training for Boldness This post is about how to train the specific virtue of Boldness.

Striking by the numbers This post is about how to make your longsword blows reach further, and the pros and cons of doing so. Uber-geeky technical post alert!

There are dozens of similar posts on the blog; have fun digging through them!

Many people find learning from video much easier than from a book, so you might be interested in this free video class, aimed at beginners.

The full course with video instruction, transcriptions and other resources is here.

The promised glossary is here. Glossary of italian fencing terms

And of course, the promised pdf of The Medieval Longsword, is below. Sign up with your email address and I’ll send it to you.

Get your free ebook copy of The Medieval Longsword here!

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