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* [[Spear Counter-remedies]]
* [[Spear Counter-remedies]]

*[[Henrik Wadell's spear form]]
*[[Henrik Wadell's spear form]]

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Some of the material below is explained in Guy's Longsword Book

Advanced training:

Advanced students are expected to have assimilated enough of the system that they can find the material they are most interested in from the treatise. advanced training is about acquiring a firm grasp of the source, and understanding the process of developing working skills from them. Note that in the more advanced levels the organisation of new material is essentially arbitrary: study of Liechtenauer is in no way more advanced than the use of the pollax. Students are expected to be actively involved in planning their own training, and are able to choose parts of the levels requirements. At level five students choose one, and at levels six and seven, two, of the following modules: Spear, Pollax,Vadi, and Liechtenauer. Note also that for students wishing to follow the teacher-training track, level four must be completed before any teaching exams can be taken.

You can download a reference pdf of the entire syllabus here: Armizare Syllabus

Level Five, Square

Mechanics and Conditioning


  • Ability to do all the Dagger plays
  • Defences of the Dagger against the Sword
  • Defences of the sword in the scabbard against the Dagger


  • Cutting with Sharps
  • How to drill: choreography, coaching, competition
  • 20 plays zogho largo in order, from memory
  • 11 plays sword in one hand, in order, from memory

one of these modules:



Sword in Armour (see below for content)

Level Six, Triangle

Mechanics and Conditioning

  • Breathing form, notes for which are on the *Conditioning page.


  • Basic 4 drills with Sharps

  • 23 plays of zogho stretto in order


  • 7 guards
  • Theory of Tempo
  • Lo Schermo, with sharps

One of:

  • Vadi or Lichtenauer module

And one more of:

  • Spear, Pollax or Sword in Armour


800 word essay (or equivalent) on agreed topic; in any of the school’s teaching languages, currently English, Finnish, Swedish and German

Level Seven, Circle


  • All set Drills with Sharps
  • The remaining module, Vadi or Lichtenauer
  • The remaining module from Spear, Pollax or Sword in Armour


1500 word essay (or equivalent) on agreed topic; in any of the school’s teaching languages, currently English, Finnish, Swedish and German



  • Striking from each guard


  • 6 guards
  • Striking from each guard
  • Axe handling drill.
  • Defence from each guard
  • The 8 plays of the pollax
  • Counter-remedies

  • (Recommended additional reading: Jeu de la Hache)

Sword in Armour

  • 6 Guards
  • Striking from each Guard
  • All 16 Plays of the Sword in Armour


  • Vadi’s 12 guards of the Longsword
  • Mezo Tempo Mechanics Drill
  • Feint at Meza Spada Drill
  • 25 plays of the longsword (not from memory)
  • How to use Vadi’s style, and counter it, in freeplay


  • 4 Guards: Vom Tag, Ochs (both sides), Pflug (both sides), Alber
  • Mechanics drills (TBD)
  • 5 Meisterhau, in set drills
  • Primary Techniques and Concepts
  • How to use the Liechtenauer style, and counter it, in freeplay

Intermediate Syllabus 2011-2013, for reference [[Category:Fiore Advanced]