Fiore basic syllabus

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Solo exercises

Unarmed pair exercises

  • Testing the guards using pressure, grounding exercise
  • Basic falling in pairs



  • 4 lines of attack: mandritto, fendente, roverso, sotto.
  • The 5 things: disarm, strike, lock, break, takedown


  • First remedy master (against mandritto or fendente)
  • Third remedy master (against roverso or fendente)
  • Ninth remedy master (against sotto)


  • The salute

Guard positions

  • tutta porta di ferro,
  • posta di donna,
  • posta longa,
  • posta frontale,
  • posta di dente di zenghiaro,



Remedies (defences)

  • rebattere with true edge from tutta porta di ferro
  • rebattere with false edge from dente de zenghiaro.
  • Counter-remedy: turn to the other side, pommel strike.