I33 Sword and Buckler

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I.33 Sword and Buckler basic training:

A convenient map of the I33 basic syllabus

The Seven wards

7 guards cutting drill

Rolling drill

Besetments: halpshilt, krucke, langort,

Covers: shutzen

Plays of 1st ward and halfshield:

First ward First drill

Variations: alternatives to falling under: 1) stich 2) cut arm 3) beat and cut 4) go to other side.

Plays of First ward and krucke Wrap Warder Besetter 1st Krucke Binds over Enters with counterbind and wrap

Counterthrust Warder Besetter 1st Krucke Binds directly Enters with thrust

Beset by longpoint Binds over Warder Besetter 1st longpoint Binds

Binds under Warder Besetter 1st Krucke Binds

Plays of 2nd ward, beset by shutzen durchtrit Warder Besetter 2nd Schutzen Binds in same position Presses down, durchtrit

yield Warder Besetter 2nd Schutzen Binds and enters Goes to other side.

Sword and Buckler (1.33) intermediate training: Apply counters to the bind to all set drills (adding one more step) Set plays of 3rd,4th, 5th, 6th wards Priest’s special longpoint Priest’s special ward Fiddlebow Walpurgis’ ward Freeplay