Plate 10

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Plate 10 shows the counterattack against the cut that we saw on Plate 8, countered by a feint followed by a parry-riposte. Though the mechanics and techniques are different, the tactical sequence is identical to the model set on Plate 7.

Capoferro's text:

Figure that strikes in quarta in the pit under the right arm when the Adversary disengages to strike.

Figure D having gained the sword of figure C, the same figure C turning a riverso to the face of the figure marked D, D strikes him in the turn of the riverso in quarta raising well the arm, and at the ending of the sword's motion increasing well the pace, in the chest under the sword arm as you see. But I say, that if C, instead of turning the riverso, had disengaged the sword back, retiring somewhat, a lifting the sword in an oblique line, so your point regards the left side of the Adversary, and D wishing to enter in quarta C parrying with a half-mandritto, would give him a riverso to the face,or a thrust to the chest.