Plate 11

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Plate 11 Capoferro's text:

"Way of striking with various actions under the enemy's sword.

First in terza, you place yourself in a high crossed quarta, so that the point of your sword corresponds to the left shoulder of the Adversary, and hecoming to cover yours in an oblique line, you in his coming will turn the hand in seconda, with the lean, and lowering the body, will strike in contra tempo in the waist under his sword as the figure shows.Second, in the case that the adversary has you constrained on the outside, you turning a thrust to feint in quarta to the face, and he wishing to parry, you turning the hand with the same leaning, you will strike under the sword, as above. Third, when you have been constrained to the inside, you could disengage a feint thrust in terza to the face, and him lifting the sword to parry, you would strike under the sword, turning the hand in seconda, in the manner as above. Fourth, you having your Adversary constrained on the inside, and he coming to strike you with a thrust to the face, you could strike him in two ways, first you could strike in contratempo in his coming,lowering your waist, and the sword in terza, and also you could strike parrying in terza with the point high, turning the hand in seconda in the strike, in the way,that is above. Fifth, and finally, you have the Adversary constrained to the outside, and he disengages to constrain your sword on the inside in the same tempo, turning the hand with the lowering, and leaning the body, you would strike in terza under the sword in the same way, that is above."