Plate 13: Scannatura

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This play would seem to belong after plate 15, as the one stringering is on the outside. This technique appears elsewhere too: notably as a counter on plates 14 and 17. THis is one of the very few techniques with a proper name. "Scannatura" means "slaughtering".

You can find this in The Duellist's Companion, pp 151-153

The text reads:

"A figure that strikes with a slaughtering, with a thrust to the right flank, with a pass, when the adversary disengages to strike.

This way of striking, called the slaughtering, which is done in the following manner, figure C having constrained the sword of the figure marked D, the same figure D disengaging a thrust to the face of figure C, and the same figure C confronting the enemy's sword to the outside dropping the point in seconda, and passing with the left leg in one and the same motion strikes to the flank, lowering with the waist at the end, and grabbing his hand, as you see."

(Capoferro is not noted for his clarity: I have preserved his appalling grammar here.)