Plate 14

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Plate 14 shows a defence in contratempo, under the enemy's sword arm. It has four parts: two versions of the defence, and two variations on a counter to the defence. The text reads:

Figure that strikes under the sword of the enemy in contratempo without parrying, only with a lowering of the body as the figure demonstrates.

Figure D having gained t he sword of t he figure C on the inside, and the same figure C disengaging to give a stoccata to the face of figure D, D lowering his body and stepping forward with his right leg in one same tempo strikes him in seconda below the enemy's sword in contra tempo without parrying as the picture shows. And moreover he could succeed were the said thrust done differently, that is, that C disengaging to give a stoccata to figure D in the face, D parries in terza with the point high and in the same tempo lowering the point and turning the sword to seconda he could strike him in the chest with a passata while also giving him a grip on his sword hand. But if C was an experienced person he could have only withdrawn his right foot to the rear and in his approach, meeting the enemy's sword on the outside and in the same tempo lowering the point and turning the hand to seconda he would strike him with a scannatura below the enemy's sword; alternately, in his withdrawing, he will parry with his left hand from above downwards under his arm and will strike D with a high seconda to the chest or to the face.