Plate 15

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Plate 15 contains a lot of information, including specific instruction on how to stringer, the counterdisengage, and gaining the stringering by disengage and striking with a pass. The text reads:


Knowing through experience how useful it is to know how to gain the enemy's sword, I have not wanted to fail to describe the manner which one must adopt in going to stringer and gain the same, and first, wanting to go to stringer the adversary's sword, on the inside as on the outside, according to the occasion, you will first have to stringer the same at a distance of about one palmo from the point; if it occurs that you have to stringer on the inside, you will make the point of the sword aim at the adversary’s right shoulder; and if on the outside, at the left shoulder. Having done so, you will go walking towards the adversary’s sword; if it occurs that he disengages, in that instant you will counter-disengage with a return of your sword to its place, or wit h the same counter-disengage you will strike him in the tempo of his disengage. Moreover, if it occurs that the adversary approaches in order to stringer your sword, on the inside as well as the outside, which is lying level in the straight line with your arm extended, in that instant you will disengage and stringer, walking forward; and if it occurs that you have to disengage in order to stringer on the inside, you will carry your right foot forward during the disengage, bending your body toward your right side, holding your lefthand near your right, and then passing wit h your left foot, you will strike him wit h a thrust in the breast in quarta; and if you have to disengage in order to stringer on the outside, you will in a similar manner carry your right foot forward with a bending of your body to your left side, and passing wit h the left foot, strike the chest in seconda. Moreover, be aware that the following figures demonstrate stringering the sword on the outside in terza; however you must follow the rule of gaining the sword of the adversary as stated above.

(Translation by Jherek Swanger and William Wilson)