Plate 17: Scanso del pie dritto

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You can find this in The Duellist's Companion, pp 148 to 149, and the counter is on pp 166-167

The text reads:

"Figure that strikes with the avoidance of the right foot close to the ear.

The figure marked C having constrained to the outside the figure marked B, and that figure disengaging to strike in quarta the figure marked C, the same figure marked C will strike him with the avoidance of the right foot, traversing to the outside of his sword in the face close to the ear. It goes without saying that if B had been a practiced person, he would have disengaged the sword to feint with the waist retained somewhat back, and C coming securely to strike with the avoidance of the right foot traversing to figure B, B confronting the enemy's sword to the outside dropping the point in seconda, and passing with the left leg in one and the same motion would strike in the flank, giving a grip to the hand of the sword."

Note that this last section is almost word for word the instructions given on Plate 13 for the Scannatura.