Plate 19: Scanso della vita

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You can find this in The Duellist's Companion, solo on p49 and 68, and as a pair drill on 150-151.

The text reads:

"Figure that strikes in quarta with the avoidance of the waist carrying the left leg crossing behind to the right.

Figure C having gained the sword on the outside of the figure D, and D disengaging to give a thrust to the face of figure C, C would strike him in quarta with the avoidance of the waist, passing with the left leg behind to the right, crossing, as the figure shows. But if D had been a practised person, he would have disengaged to gain the sword on the inside to figure C, with the leaning of the body towards his right side, and having gained, in one immediate passing of the left foot forwards, giving a thrust in quarta to the chest, or he would have disengaged with a half-mandritto beating the enemy's sword, giving to C a riverso to the face, retiring in terza, and thus he would have been safe."