Plate 20

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The last of the sword-alone plates: plate 20 has an interesting parry-riposte with a beat of the front foot, done in two different ways, both countered with a contracavazione (counter-disengage).

The text reads:

Figure that strikes the face in seconda on a passata, giving a grip to the sword arm of the enemy with the left hand.

By clarification of the following figures, C, having his adversary, that is, the figure D, stringered to the outside, and the same D disengaging to give a stoccata to figure C, the same C parries the enemy’s sword in quarta with a beat of the right foot, and all in one tempo, passing and turning the body well, he will strike him in seconda in the face, although this can also be done without passing, striking him in quarta although in dui tempi.

But if D had been a person experienced in swordplay, when C disengaged to parry figure D in quarta37 with a beating of his right foot, D would have counter-disengaged his sword to the outside and would have struck him in t he face in seconda, wit hdrawing to t he rear into terza, following t he enemy’s sword wit h his sword in said wit hdrawing, and t hus would C be struck.

Translation: William Wilson and Jherek Swanger