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*[[Pair drills]]
*[[Pair drills]]

*[[Specific plays from plates]]
*[[Specific plays from Capoferro]]

*[[Compound counter-riposte drill.]]
*[[Compound counter-riposte drill.]]

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Rapier (Capo Ferro) basic training:

Map of Rapier syllabus

Solo exercises

Pair drills

The Plays from the Plates

We will video the entire book plate by plate and play by play. The purpose of the drills is to enable us to perform the plays. The purpose of the plays is to enable us to kill our opponent in a duel. See here: Specific Plays from Capoferro

Rapier (Capo Ferro) intermediate training:

CCR drill to step 10

Fabris: counter-guards


Adding degrees of freedom to the previous drills

Sword alone freeplay

4 dagger parries


Feint, parry, strike

Sword and dagger X parry drill.

All drills done as distance drills (see above for basic pattern)

Sword and dagger freeplay

Seminar footage

  • A sample seminar, covering some basic techniques and practice:
  • Part One Rapier seminar held on March 31st 2012. This is the morning session of a full day seminar. It includes structural/grounding practice, footwork, basic actions and the plays of plates 7 and 16.
  • Part 2: includes stringering games, plays of plates 7, 10, 13, 16, 17.