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Rapier (Capo Ferro) basic training:

Map of Rapier syllabus

Solo drill: Grip, guard position, disengages, lunge:

A sample seminar, covering some basic techniques and practice:

Part One Rapier seminar held on March 31st 2012. This is the morning session of a full day seminar. It includes structural/grounding practice, footwork, basic actions and the plays of plates 7 and 16.

Rapier (Capo Ferro) intermediate training:

CCR drill to step 10

Fabris: counter-guards


Adding degrees of freedom to the previous drills

Sword alone freeplay

Rapier and dagger drills:

4 dagger parries


Feint, parry, strike

Sword and dagger X parry drill.

All drills done as distance drills (see above for basic pattern)

Sword and dagger freeplay