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Rapier (Capo Ferro) basic training: Basic knowledge of Capo Ferro rapier style: Guards 1-4 Step back and forward in guard Lunge Pass forwards and back Scanso dell’ pie dritto Scanso della vita Lunging drills: 1: lunge remise lunge etc. 2: step, lunge, pass lunge (both directions) 3: in 2, 4, stramazone, mandritto, cross-jump.

Stringere 4 responses to the stringering: attack by cavazione, beat attack by cavazione, feint by cavazione, direct attack. Parry riposte in 2 and 4 Compound counter riposte drill to step 5 Parry-riposte in a single motion in 2 and 4 Distance drills: Distance drill Patient Agent Terza Terza Find opposition, lunge in quarta Parry riposte Step back, with opposition Recover forwards (remise) Cavazione, lunge in seconda repeat

Plays of plates 7,13,16,17,19 Scannatura Scanso della vita Scanso dell’ pie dritto

Compound counter-riposte drill.

Rapier (Capo Ferro) intermediate training: CCR drill to step 10 Fabris: counter-guards Toccata Adding degrees of freedom to the previous drills Sword alone freeplay Rapier and dagger drills: 4 dagger parries Stringer-parry-strike Feint, parry, strike Sword and dagger X parry drill. All drills done as distance drills (see above for basic pattern) Sword and dagger freeplay