The 13 crossings drill

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The 13 crossings drill is the following plays of the sword, in order, from a static, specific crossing:

First master zogho largo: first and second plays

Second master zogho largo: second, third, fifth, seventh, eighth, ninth, eleventh, plays

Master of zogho stretto: second, third, eighth, twelfth plays.

This looks like:

1. Crossed at tips, line closed, strike other side

2. Crossed at tips, line open, strike same side

3. Crossed at middle, no threat, step offline and strike over arm

4. Crossed at middle, sword close, grab it and strike

5. Colpo di villano

6. Slip v. strike to leg

7. Crossed at tuta spada, points high: kick to nuts

8. Exchange of thrust

9. Break the thrust

10. Crossed in stretto, open line, grab hilt.

11. Crossed in stretto, closed line, pommel strike on other side

12. Crossed in stretto, go up the middle, wrap.

13. Crossed in stretto, opponent has parried so pressure to the side, grab blade.

These plays should be memorised, as part of the crossings drill, and as set drills (attacker, defender etc.) with their place in the treatise and their basic physical set-up. The video shows the crossings drill, not the plays themselves.