The Rapier Footwork Form

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The Rapier Footwork form contains all of the main footwork actions we find in Gran Simulacro. It breaks down into two parts.

  • Part One:

1) Step, step, Lunge, recover with two passes backwards. eg Plate 7 and Plate 16.

2) Step, slip the leg. Plate 8

3) Step back, extension; step back, strike with the fixed foot; step back, lunge with two passes forwards. Capoferro's mezo tempo, full tempo, tempo and a half.

4) Scanso del pie dritto. Plate 17: Scanso del pie dritto.

  • Part Two:

1) Step, pass left, recover forwards. Plate 11

2) Step, pass forwards, recover forwards. scannatura. Plate 13: Scannatura.

3) Step, pass forwards, recover backwards. Plate 18.

4) Step, scanso della vita. Plate 19: Scanso della vita.

This form was developed over many months in class, with input from at least a dozen different people, most notably Tanda Tuovinen, Janne Högdahl, Zoë Chandler, Henry Vilhunen, Henri Vesala, and Guy Windsor.