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Note that this video goes to the 11th not the 13th play. Correction to follow!



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From Chapter 15:

"Grasp this, that is a steelyard’s trace,

That is the companion is in the iron door guard,

You should be in the archer’s guard,

Watch out that your point does not waver,

That of the companion covers his sword;

Go a little out of the way

Straightening the sword and the hand with the point.

When your sword is joined at the crossing,

Then do the thirteenth constrained action,

As is you can plainly see

Pictured in our book of seven leaves."

This interpretation was arrived at in class by Janne Hurskainen and Johanna Laurikainen:

1. Start in sagitaria (archer’s guard): feet close together, left foot forwards, sword horizontal, pointing forwards, about shoulder height.

2. Opponent is in one of the porta di ferro (iron door) guards, e.g. Porta di ferro la mezana: right foot forwards, sword resting on the right thigh, pointing down and to the right.

3. Opponent strikes a rota, aimed at your exposed left flank or head.

4. Step a little right with your right foot, uncrossing your arms and parrying with a fendente. Your left leg sweeps behind you.

5. Opponent turns his sword to enter with a punta falsa type action (e.g. The 12th play).

6. Lift your point and hook your hilt over his left arm

7. Cranking his elbow down by making a mandritto fendente type movement of the sword.