Abrazare Freeplay

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Abrazare freeplay is basically a wrestling match. Strikes, locks and throw may all count depending on what is being trained. As a general rule, this requires a fencing jacket (grips destroy t-shirts). We normally do not use mats.

Basic set-up:

Players start out of contact. Win by a lock held for 3 seconds, or a takedown leaving the winner standing, or submission. If the players go to the ground together, the bout may be continued until a clear win, or halted by the president. This may be agreed beforehand, or applied for safety or technical reasons during the bout.


With appropriate kit, which depends on the players level of skill and willingness to take contact, allow kicks and hand strikes as scoring actions, or as distractions to set up a lock, takedown or submission.

Start from contact (e.g. collar and elbow)

Timed bouts: rounds of 30 seconds, 3 minutes, etc, can be used to develop fitness, or to bring a stalemated bout to a close.