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Abrazare (wrestling) is the base upon which Fiore builds his system. The critical plays from our perspective are the first six, which embody the fundamental principles of the art. Abrazare requires eight things:

1. Strength

2. Speed

3. Knowledge of grips

4. Knowledge of how to break limbs

5. Knowledge of how to apply joint locks (ligadure, binds)

6. Knowledge of where to strike (the “places of pain”!)

7. Knowledge of how to throw your opponent to the ground

8. Knowledge of how to dislocate limbs.

We normally start with a static rendition of the plays, but it is critically important to understand what the player is trying to do that makes the master and his scholar's actions make sense. In this video, we have given the player a sensible, working technique, to which the plays of the system form correct responses.

Abrazare Freeplay