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Armizare Vade Mecum

By Guy Windsor

The Armizare Vade Mecum is a collection of mnemonic verses for students of Fiore’s Art of Arms, published by Freelance Academy Press in 2011. Sometimes serious, sometimes fun, they embody Fiore’s words in memorable verses.

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Here is an example:

The Dagger

The dagger am I, a noble arm,

Knowing my malice, knowing my art,

Playing close to do you harm

None can stand if I take part

I make my noble feats of arms:

Who can hold against me?

No armour made resists my charms,

No arm either, you will see

Cover, thrust, and grapple too,

I take your dagger, break and bind

Strike me? I will make you rue

The day, as you will find.

The cruel fight I’ll finish faster:

Of the art of arms, I am master.