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latest news - 16 February '24


I’m flying off to Helsinki today (Thursday). I’ll be teaching a class on Friday night, and the polearms seminar on Saturday. Should be great fun! I don’t know if there are any spaces left, but here’s the link just in case: https://gladiolusschoolofarms.yhdistysavain.fi/events/polearms-and-armoured-combat/

On Monday I’ll be in the studio shooting footage for the VR project I emailed about a short while ago. That generated a flood of responses, mostly “I don’t have a PICO headset, can you make it for the Quest?”, and a lot of enthusiasm. I’ll let you know how it went, and what plans we may have to develop it for other platforms, as soon as I can.

And, the print proofs for the paperback and hardback versions of From Medieval Manuscript to Modern Practice, the Wrestling Techniques of Fiore dei Liberi are here! So we are on course to launch the book in March.

That may steal some of the thunder from From Your Head to Their Hands, but so be it. I’ve never liked holding ready material back for artificial marketing purposes.

Now, are you likely to be anywhere near Nova Scotia in May? If so…West Nova Historical Fencing (Nova Scotia, Canada) invites you to their first Broadsword Challenge happening May 3-4, 2024 in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada. This tournament is sanctioned by Storica Defensa (a first for the region), and will follow their rules and safety standards. It aims to be a beginner-friendly and queer affirming event with divisions based on skill, age, and gender. Learn more at https://www.westnovahistfence.ca/broadsword-challenge

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