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latest news - 19 July '24


I’m writing this in Minneapolis St Paul airport, waiting for a delayed flight to Chicago to connect to my flight home. This three-week trip has been extremely eventful, so much so that I’m going to split telling you about it over a couple of emails.

After a magnificent week with Jessica Finley (as you no doubt recall from the last missive), I went to see my friend Jason James, currently stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas. Just getting “on post” (as these military types call it) involved a vetting procedure worthy of getting into the Secret Service (the UK version, or the US, though they do very different things). What better place to spend the 4th of July? it was dead quiet. Soldiers do not generally approve of setting off fireworks around heavy ordnance.

And there was some damn fine ordnance on display. This martial lunacy was built to fire atomic shells.


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