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The Rapier: Completing The Basics

Part 2 of

Complete your basic training.

With this 80+ page workbook you can complete your knowledge of Capoferro’s rapier plays, building a strong foundation on which to construct your fencing skills.

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The book is organised through the Rapier Footwork Form, with each chapter adding steps to the Form, first as pair drills, and then practised solo. This ensures that you will have little difficulty remembering the new material.

The book is illustrated with extracts from historical sources, and supported by video clips, linked to in the text. All you need is a training partner, a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and a couple of practice rapiers and fencing masks.

The workbooks are laid out for right-handers (with the space for notes on the right-hand page), and for left-handers, with the space for notes on the left-hand page. All video clips show the techniques done right-handed and left-handed.