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The Art of Sword Fighting in Earnest

By Guy Windsor

“Guy has the rare talent of making this material accessible” – Neal Stephenson (from his Foreword to Swordfighting)

“Guy Windsor’s greatest gift to WMA/HEMA is his marvellous ability to translate period language into a meaningful experience for modern WMA/HEMA practitioners and he has once more shown his ability to do exactly that.” – Adam (reviewing Veni Vadi Vici)

From the late fifteenth century comes a detailed manuscript on knightly combat, written by Philippo Vadi. Dedicated to one of the most famous Italian condottiere of the age, Guidobaldo, Duke of Urbino, this book covers the theory of combat with the longsword, as well as dozens of illustrated techniques of the sword, the spear, the pollax, and the dagger.

This volume includes a detailed introduction, setting Vadi and his combat style in their historical context, a complete full-colour facsimile of the manuscript, and a detailed commentary from the perspective of the practising martial artist.

This volume is the second edition of Dr. Windsor’s earlier work, Veni Vadi Vici, updating the translation and the introduction. This is essential reading for any practitioner of knightly combat, academic historian, or enthusiast for the quattrocento period of Italian history.

Previous buyers of Veni Vadi Vici can get their free ebook copy from Guy: just email him and ask for it. The book is a monster 180Mb PDF, so he will send you a download link.

The book is available to buy in full-colour hardback, ebook, and in paperback. Except for the pdf that is only available through Guy’s Gumroad account, all ebook formats are in black and white, and do not include a facsimile of the manuscript, though they do include a link to a resources page that has the scans.

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