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The Windsor Method: The Principles of Solo Training

By Guy Windsor

Everyone wants to add years to their life.

But everyone needs… to add life to their years.

One of the world’s foremost experts in historical swordfighting and martial arts systems, Dr. Guy Windsor wants to teach you how to maximize your personal development and live up to your true potential – in training, in martial arts, and in life – even when training solo.

Using simple, straightforward, and (above all) achievable principles of action, Dr. Windsor can help you establish a solid foundation for mechanics and training in your own martial arts practices, as well as teaching you best practices to achieve excellence in life. Whether you are searching for ways to improve your combat and martial arts training, hope to increase your physical fitness, or simply want to find a better mindset for living life, The Windsor Method is for you.

Join Dr. Windsor as he teaches you how to…

use mental imagery to improve your training effectiveness

find greater health as you progress

understand the importance of and best way to set goals

improve yourself even when dealing with physical or psychological impediments

and more!

With profound insight, unparalleled expertise, and good-old-fashioned common sense, Dr. Windsor is the perfect guide for your journey of self-improvement. Whether you are a master of the martial arts trying to add that last critical iota to your skills, or a beginner who has never thrown a punch or picked up a sword, The Windsor Method: The Principles of Solo Training will help you find – and master – the hidden potential within…

Dr. Guy Windsor invites you to harness the power of your mind, body, and soul to create maximum results with minimum fuss. Take action, find satisfaction, and get results with the proven principles of The Windsor Method – tap the link, and get your copy now!

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What do readers have to say about it?

“It’s a pleasure and a privilege to review Guy Windsor’s work on solo practice. Working from vast personal experience, understanding of multiple traditions centuries-old, and modern understanding of education, learning, and motivation, he has produced an extremely useful and approachable book on sustainable, healthy practice and its underpinnings. Starting from first principles, Guy takes you through the prerequisites for developing a practice, provides specifics to implement, then addresses barriers, all in a tone which invites and encourages. I whole-heartedly recommend this work to practitioners of any level”

– Andrew Somlyo MD, Head Coach Seattle Escrima, Master Instructor Latosa Escrima, Lonin Longsword League Senior Instructor and Competition Coach

Order from your local library, with the isbns:

ISBN 978-952-7157-66-4 (hardback)

ISBN 978-952-7157-67-1  (hardback, big print)

ISBN 978-952-7157-68-8 (paperback)

ISBN 978-952-7157-69-5 (paperback, big print)

ISBN 978-952-7157-70-1 (epub)

ISBN 978-952-7157-71-8 (kindle)

ISBN 978-952-7157-72-5 (pdf)