You Are Galeazzo da Mantoa

Galeazzo da Mantoa was such a significant knightly adventurer, we immortalised him in one of the Audatia card game duel decks!

You are Galeazzo da Mantoa (1370?-1406) the Italian condottiere (mercenary) and student of Fiore dei Liberi, travelling the world in search of duels and wisdom. You are the kind of master swordsman who would become famous both for owning their own fencing treatise but also winning epic duels.

Your learning comes both in studying the art of combat as well as actively practicing it. You are the kind of knight that uses agility and well-timed strikes to take down the so-called champion – because you know how to apply all you’ve studied even when you’re in combat mode.

Here's the content that Galeazzo da Mantoa would love: