You Are Jeanne de Danpierre

Jeanne de Danpierre, the much respected Countess of Montfort was one to pick up a sword and lead the charge.

You are Jeanne de Danpierre (~1300-1374), described as a woman of valour, with a very sharp sword to hand, fighting with great courage. You are a well-respected leader, guiding others to victory, even in the most dire of circumstances. You enjoy physical activity rather than spending all day learning theory, so your teaching style is a lot more about showing than it is telling.

When stuck in a city under siege, you wouldn’t waste time studying a book on the art of war. You would put on the armour, ride the warhorse, and observe the enemy from the battlements. You will sort the defence by mobilising the townswomen to defend the ramparts, while leading a wild charge to freedom. You would then return with more soldiers to recapture the city and bolster the defences. You’re a decisive and effective fighter.

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