Online video courses for students of all levels, from basic techniques to advanced medieval martial arts practice.

Free video content

Over the years, Guy has amassed a huge library of free video content: step-by-step tutorials in specific form and footwork drills, answers to questions submitted by his students and clarifications of specific points.

Links to these can be found over at the Syllabus Wiki, where they’ve all been arranged according to the Swordschool’s syllabus for ease of use.

Video Courses

Guy’s video courses are at the heart of what the Swordschool does: comprehensive, step-by-step lessons in every facet of historically-accurate swordsmanship, both practical and theoretical. You’ll be able to study Guy’s form and footwork as he demonstrates each skill, with different practices broken down into simple chunks.

Once you’ve bought a course, it’s yours to download and keep – meaning you can take the syllabus at your own pace, and repeat lessons as often as you’d like to. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the entire Swordschool syllabus – giving you access to every single course for as long as you maintain your subscription.

Don’t know where to start? That’s okay we have quick start guides to get you going. Click here to download.

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