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latest news - 10 May '24


I hope this finds you well. First up, a couple of time-sensitive things:

I’ll be in Helsinki for the first weekend in June, teaching two seminars, on improving your longsword freeplay (Saturday June 1st) and on how to teach (Sunday June 2nd).

You can find the details (content, exact location, price etc.) here:

Improve your Freeplay

How to Teach Historical Martial Arts

And, if you’re more into the medieval German stuff, my friend Michael Chidester is running a crowdfunding campaign for another stunning facsimile: Fabian von Auerswald with a translation by Jessica Finley. A must-have for scholars of the German tradition: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fabian-von-auerswald-facsimile-and-translation/x/210782#/

And speaking of Jessica, I’ve put together the Ultimate Medieval Martial Arts Package of courses, which includes four full-length online courses, Medieval Wrestling (with Jessica), Medieval Dagger, Medieval Longsword, and Jessica’s Haupstucke course too.

As ChatGPT says, “Whether enhancing historical knowledge or honing martial skills, this package offers unmatched value.” Gotta love our AI overlords.

You can find the package here:


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