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The Rapier: Beginners Workbook

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Take a beginners’ course with world-renowned swordsmanship instructor Dr. Guy Windsor, through this innovative workbook format.

With this 70+ page workbook you can learn the basics of rapier fencing. The book is illustrated with extracts from historical sources, and supported by over twenty video clips, linked to in the text. All you need is a training partner, a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and a couple of practice rapiers and fencing masks.

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The book is organised in four sessions or classes, which covers all this and more:

  • footwork
  • sword handling
  • stringering
  • attack by disengage
  • parry riposte in one tempo
  • feints
  • parry riposte in two tempi
  • thrusts
  • cuts
  • beat attack

The workbooks are laid out for right-handers (with the space for notes on the right-hand page), and for left-handers, with the space for notes on the left-hand page. All video clips show the techniques done right-handed and left-handed.