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Solo Historical Martial Arts Training Course

Become an accomplished swordfighter, even without a sparring partner.

Solo training is at the heart of all martial arts practice – the world’s top swordsmen all spent the lion’s share of their training time practicing alone.

This course package includes everything Swordschool Online offers that can be done completely by yourself, most of it needing little to no special equipment. It takes a holistic approach that develops both your body and your mind, and the sheer range of materials here means that everyone from absolute beginners to seasoned fighters can benefit.

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This package contains the following complete courses, each of which are also available separately:

  • Meditation for Martial Artists – four different kinds of meditation that will improve your state of mind and help you to become a better martial artist
  • Fundamentals of Breathing – breathing techniques to improve your training, including advice for developing aerobic and anaerobic fitness without injuring yourself
  • Fundamentals of Footwork – how to move like a martial artist, and improve your form and posture whatever your preferred style or speciality
  • Recreating Historical Swordsmanship from Historical Sources – how to dive into the historical texts that lie at the core of European martial arts and use them to create your own training plans without needing a History degree to do it

This course also contains a huge amount of new training material in which Guy will teach you how to improve your martial arts prowess completely alone, including:

  • Instruction in how to create an effective daily practice and set good training goals
  • Solo drills and skills for longsword, rapier, smallsword, spear, sword & buckler and more
  • Solo cutting practice with sharp swords
  • Building and using a pell and a wall target at home
  • Creating your own handling drills for any weapon
  • Stickhandling drills to improve your strength and control with any weapon
  • 30+ additional train-along workout routines, each around 40 minutes long, in which Guy takes you through a solo routine requiring very little space or equipment

Just to round things off, this package also includes two courses designed by guest trainers to supplement Guy’s lessons:

  • Solo wrestling training from Jessica Finley, medieval wrestling expert and author of the book Medieval Wrestling
  • Bolognese swordsmanship including drills for sidesword, sword & buckler and the two-handed sword from Australian historical swordsmanship teacher Gindi Wauchope

This is a huge amount of material; the largest package we offer short of our whole-syllabus subscription. It’s the perfect way to get started alone, to supplement your classes and partner practice, and to take your existing knowledge to the next level.

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